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Information archive

"This was the Shion that he knew. The intelligent, gentle, faithful, airheaded, and clumsy Shion."

Official profile and statistics
(These are originally from the No.6 novel guide and were translated by me. Please forgive any translation errors!)

Name: Shion (紫苑)
Citizen registration number: Qw-55142
Height: 170 cm (5'7")
Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Blood type: AB
Birthday: September 7th, 2001 (age 17, from his canon point)
Likes: Nezumi, Karan’s cherry cake
Dislikes: Celery
Special skill: Memorization

At the age of two, Shion was placed in the class of "highest-ranked intelligence" and was certified as an elite citizen. Because he assisted and showed kindness to Nezumi, a boy on the run, he was stripped of his privileges and banished from Chronos, the most upscale residential area of No.6. He was arrested under the suspicion of murder (a fabrication of the security bureau) four years later, but fled with Nezumi's help and escaped No.6. He had been living his days with Nezumi in the confusion and disorder of the West Block, but now that the government of No.6 has captured his childhood friend Safu, he's determined to fight.
His potential vitality can't be envisioned from his appearance, but he had the strength to survive when a parasite wasp attacked his body. As compensation, his hair turned white and a snakelike red scar appeared on his body.

Curiosity: ★★★★★
He shows great curiosity in everything, and values learning and knowing as much as he can. He’s prone to bothering Nezumi by asking him a barrage of questions, much to Nezumi’s annoyance.

Physical strength: ★★★☆☆
Because he grew up in the privileged area of Chronos, his strength is poor, and he’s no match for Nezumi. However, since coming to the West Block, he’s become stronger.

Intellect: ★★★★☆
He has an exceptionally bright mind and is easily capable of memorizing complex things such as the map of the correctional facility. However, he often says things that could be thought of as nothing but airheaded.

Morals: ★★★★☆
A good-natured and softhearted person that will help anyone. When trying to protect the ones loves, he has the dangerous ability to become unbelievably cruel.

Appearance: ★★★★☆
Although his white hair and red scar may seem frightening, upon looking more closely, he has beautiful features. He’s even gotten amorous glances from older women.

Emotional strength: ★★★☆☆
Due to his earnest nature, he hesitates, and often complains. The presence of his friends is his biggest support.

Personal history: Before his life as a fugitive, he lived in No.6 with his mother Karan. His father left two months after he was born, and Shion hasn’t seen him since.

Work: After coming to the West Block, he’s been helping out by washing the dogs at Inukashi’s hotel. Even though it’s simple physical labour, he enjoys doing it. (Note: As he's no longer in the West Block, Shion is now the youngest of the twelve members of No.6's reconstruction committee.)


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Other: Due to events that occur late in canon, Shion's personality is a little bit different than it was during the main course of the series. As he's taken from just after his chapter of Beyond, which takes place one year after the series ends, he's a little more stable than he would have been if taken from volume 9. However, he's still working on getting his smile back, which shouldn't take terribly long, now that he's reunited with Nezumi. On another note, insulting or hurting Nezumi is a really bad idea. Seriously. You can certainly try, but don't expect Shion to sit still and watch from the sidelines, to put it lightly!